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3 Super Supplements For Sugar Cravings

Feel like having something sweet even after you had a full dinner? Or have an entire ice cream tub even when you’re not that hungry? We know what you mean. Trust me, we’ve all been there. Sugar cravings could be your worst foe. But don’t you worry, after years of understanding the body, its mechanisms and needs, we’re here to bring you some quick tips and tricks on how to use some supplements for sugar cravings. And help you save a lot of regret. 

Surprisingly, sugar cravings have swept 70% of people in the US off their feet over the last five years. It’s surprising because even after so much awareness about health, we’re still not able to control our sweet tooth. But why?

One major reason for the prevalence of sugar cravings is for sure, the changing lifestyles. The second, however, is my favourite. It’s about where the sugar goes in the body once you have it. One of our most sugar-hungry organs is our brain. It loves sugar. And so do our other cells. Plus, you might be surprised to know, that cancer cells too absolutely love sugar. 

This is directly proportional to their energy needs and metabolism pathways. Since brain cells need a lot of instant energy, they rely on sugar molecules to provide them with their daily energy quota. But most often, the rest of the sugar gets stored in our cells, leading to furthermore sugar cravings. 

Do Supplements for Sugar Cravings really work?

Apart from the exercise and daily life-changing suggestions floating around, we also wanted to include the most important changes you need to bring into your life i.e. Your diet. According to a nutritionist at Harvard, 80% of your sugar cravings can be dealt with with a simple diet change. 

Here are some supplements for sugar cravings to include in your day:


The first one of the supplements to curb sugar cravings is magnesium. You may be surprised to hear that it aids in the battle against those annoying desires for sweets. Therefore, let’s examine this basic mineral’s mechanisms of action in more detail. To begin, know that magnesium plays a key role in regulating blood sugar levels. A drop in blood sugar levels triggers a need for sugary snacks and other quick fixes. Stabilising blood sugar levels is an important function of magnesium, which might aid in avoiding cravings caused by sharp decreases.

Most of the sugar we eat goes to our brain. So technically, we could think, that the more sugar we eat, more does the brain wants. This is why, a simple trick here is to keep tricking the brain away. 

Our (and Amazon’s) suggestion: Bioptimizers Magnesium 

Magnesium is your brain’s best friend. This tiny micronutrient influences brain neurotransmitter pathways, including those associated with emotions and desires. Because of its role in neurotransmitter regulation, magnesium may lessen the strength of cravings for sweets and you won’t need sugary energy drinks as much if your magnesium levels are enough to increase energy generation. 

Furthermore, insulin resistance, a disorder in which cells have trouble reacting to insulin, has been associated with magnesium deficiency. As a consequence, your body may respond by producing more sugar and intensifying your desire for sweets. Incorporating magnesium into your diet regularly may help with insulin resistance and the accompanying cravings.

Methylated B Complex

Methylated B Complex is a natural aid that helps a lot of individuals cope with difficult sugar cravings (Source). The methylated versions of the B vitamins included in these supplements improve absorption and use. Your body will begin to benefit from their immediate action in improving glucose metabolism the moment you take them. 

Stabler blood sugar levels are associated with less intense and more controlled cravings. You can keep your energy levels stable and cut down on sweet snack cravings with the aid of the B vitamins, which also play a key role in energy generation.

Our suggestion: Super B-Complex – Methylated Sustained Release

Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids

Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids have a wide range of health benefits, and has proven to be another one of the best supplements to curb sugar cravings. They have been shown to help reduce sugar cravings. Did you know that fatty fish, like salmon, are packed with omega-3s? These amazing nutrients have actually been shown to enhance brain function, especially in the parts that regulate appetite and cravings. Pretty cool, right? 

Furthermore, they also affect neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin, which play a crucial role in regulating mood and satiety. Studies have shown that incorporating Omega-3s into your diet might be beneficial in reducing the strength of sugar cravings. It results in more nutritious food selections. Including Omega-3-rich foods or supplements in your diet can assist in resisting the temptation of sugary treats.

Our suggestion: Nature Made


You may be surprised to hear that probiotics make it to the top 5 worldwide accepted supplements to curb sugar cravings. Yoghurt and kefir are examples of foods rich in beneficial bacteria. Research suggests they may help regulate the gut microbiota, which in turn affects our hunger pangs. Incredible as it may seem, probiotics may help the good bacteria in our stomach thrive, which can influence the messages our brains receive for the better. This could be one of the best supplements to curb sugar cravings.

Did you know that the relationship between your stomach and brain may be affected by probiotics? Everything is made possible via the gut-brain axis! Appetite, food intake, and desire management are all impacted by this route. By influencing this axis, probiotics may be able to control cravings generally and those for sugary foods in particular.

A lessened desire for sweets may emerge from this. On top of that, they may aid digestion and make you feel full for longer. Instead of reaching for that candy bar the next time you’re craving something sweet, why not try some foods that are high in probiotics?

Our suggestion: Da Vinci Probiotics

In all, there are multiple supplements to curb sugar cravings available for you. What you need to do is consult your general practioner to help them with your diet. Read more on what works for you body, and see how it creates a magic.

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