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One Sec App Saves You 21 Hours a Month!

One sec app: Do you keep track of the number of hours that you waste on apps like Spotify, Netflix, Twitter, or Instagram? Or did you end up scrolling on Instagram for 30 minutes when you just wanted to check one message? Well, social media apps are all in to hook and (might I add) waste your time.

On average, an individual spends over 17 hours a week on social media. The wasted time can be managed and spent so much better, for hobbies, work, family, and friends.

What is the One Sec app?

To handle the stress, I recently discovered the app called One Sec, a time management app that has saved me about 21 hours in a month by simply distracting me from my distractions.

The app works on one thought:

It gives you a second before you fall into a constant loop of distracting apps. As soon as you open an app (which is mostly out of habit), the app redirects you to a screen showing the message “It’s time to take a deep breath” and then counts you down from 3, 2, 1. This helps you fight the irrelevant routine of spending hours on such social media platforms.

I tried it for a month straight, and it helped me save about 21 hours in a month, which is almost a day. And this was when I thought I was managing my time well. My perpetually high screen time made me realise how much I needed this app.

You can try the free version today! However, their pro version also helps you manage your time immensely.

The Science Behind One Sec App

How we attach ourselves to social media is purely a science. According to psychologists, these apps use a system of instant gratification by showing people what they like, thereby indulging them in a constant loop. Along with that, the dopamine release that is coupled with these apps contributes to habit formation.

What individuals need is to break the pattern, one second at a time. This approach can also be named the One Second Approach.

Our social media habits are the outcome of psychological mechanisms that apps trigger in our brains. They use the system of instant gratification, which releases dopamine whenever we perceive a like or a message on our phone.

Many other tools and apps help you block your time off social media and thereby aid your productive days. However, with this app, I was able to put down my phone and think about whether I needed the app I just opened.

Other Psychological Benefits Of The App

  1. Sleep Better: Using this app helped me stop mindlessly scrolling through my bedtime, especially the time before sleep. Putting my phone down and taking a breath made me sleep better.
  2. Relief from ADHD: People suffering from ADHD often have a short attention span, and therefore they would hugely benefit from the One Sec App. It helps them focus on what they are doing and not on their hyperactivity.
  3. Save Money: Strangely, this app also helped me save money by helping me out of instinctive purchases (that don’t make sense).
  4. Reduced Smoking Habit: Social media usage usually leads to an increased smoking habit, according to some resources. This is why the One Sec App will help you reduce your smoking habit to another level.
  5. Healthy Habit: Replace bad habits with good ones.

In all, several tools can help you fight your unproductive urge to scroll through different social media apps. And the One Sec app is just one of the very effective ones that helped me save more than a day in my entire work month.

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